I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – cooking, and food in general is both an art and a science. Having a winning recipe is truly half the battle. Finding the right one, and knowing what to pair with it is most of the other half.

As much as I’m a cook, a recipe engineer, a foodie, food photographer, stylist, or any other term you may throw at me, I’m a curator. And that’s something I take quite seriously. I’m constantly creating and refining a collection of the best recipes from around the world.

Some are mine, some are passed on from friends and family members, while others are recipes inspired by recipes from others that I have tested, tweaked, and adapted to become something that I think is even better than the original. I am on a never-ending quest to create collections that are perfected to suit what I feel is a very wholesome foodstyle.

People have different lifestyles, but they also have what I call foodstyles. It’s how they eat, their philosophy of food, the goals they have for their meals, etc, and a lot of what can be said about your own personal foodstyle can have an impact on your lifestyle, as well. The foodstyle that I follow focuses on the following nutritional ideals:

  • Primal / Paleo / Keto / Gluten-Free leaning, focusing on an ancestrally-informed diet
  • Healthy carbs, and fewer of them than we’re accustomed to, good-for-you fats, plenty of protein
  • Whole food nutrition (getting as many vitamins and minerals from natural sources as possible)
  • Emphasis on variety, and on fresh ingredients, using what’s local and in season whenever possible
  • In short, high-quality, diverse diet of almost anything, but everything in moderation; helping you live a better life and do more of what you want

It also focuses on the following aesthetic ideals:

  • Gourmet, high-end feel, yet easy to prepare
  • Keeping complexity and number of ingredients to a minimum
  • Making and keeping cooking and eating a pleasurable affair
  • Giving people ideas and opportunities to turn any day’s meal into reason for celebrating
  • In short, making cooking good food easy, accessible, and fun; something you look forward to

So, with that said, I present to you my collections, what I feel are a well-rounded assortment of recipes categorized into times of the year, and also specific foodstyles.