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The ketogenic diet, or keto for short is a diet and a lifestyle based on a steady low-carb, high-fat diet. Keto comes from the term “ketosis”, a state that the body may enter where it burns fat instead of carbohydrates for fuel. It is similar to low carb in theory – reducing carbs, and replacing with healthy fats and protein – but often restricts carbohydrates to a much lower amount, as little as 50 grams or less, versus 50-150 on many low carb diets. 

One of the challenges with the keto diet, much like the low carb diet, is finding a way to maintain our interest in food with delicious recipes, and make up for the fact that so many of our favorite recipes and ingredients are now off-limits. Additionally, finding ways to get extra fat into our diet to reach our caloric needs since our carbohydrate intake goes down can also be a challenge. 

Cooks and creative people all across the world have experimented and discovered a number of creative ways to take out what they consider bad, and replace with nutrient-rich substitutions that help us to enjoy the foods we used to, with alterations that make them much better for us, without losing any flavor or texture.

All of the keto recipes are listed on this page. Explore, and enjoy, and eat well!

Keto Entrees

Swedish Meatballs

Unless you're of Scandinavian descent, or have visited Sweden, the chances that you're familiar with swedish meatballs are pretty slim. Unless, that is, you've ever visited an IKEA, which many of us have. The Swedish-origin, Dutch-headquartered furniture, appliance, and home accessory empire opened in 1943, just 76 years ago, and now has over 400 locations worldwide. I first visited in 2015, after they finished construction on their location in St. Louis, back...

The Perfect Filet

Steak isn't something that I eat a lot of. It's something that I cook even less. But when I'm in the mood for steak, I tend to go all out, but within reason, of course. There are many cuts of steak that one can get, but there is none quite as coveted and universally well-liked as a good filet. There are also very few that are as strongly disliked as a bad...

French Skillet-Roasted Chicken

Oh boy are you in for a treat. Chicken is great, but when the seasonings are on point, it is transformed into something truly heavenly. This French Skillet-Roasted Chicken is a relatively quick and easy dish to prepare, and is the perfect entree for date night, comfort food, or really any other time that you're ready to sink your teeth into something hearty and satisfying. This dish incorporates...

Red Bourbon Chili Sausage over Cheesy Cauliflower Grits

Admittedly, I'm not the biggest fan of southern stick-to-your-rib comfort food cooking, but occasionally I succumb to it and enjoy an episode of gluttony. I AM a big fan of mixing sweet and salty or sweet and savory, and this recipe turned out so well that I forgot to even get a picture of it once it was finished!

Keto Appetizers & Sides

Keto Desserts

Thirty Minute Brownies

There are a million and one recipes for brownies out there, so what's one more, right? Well, if it's the one that...

Super Simple Coconut Squares

I wasn't born a fan of coconut. But, I became one, so I think there is hope for all of us, and...

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