This recipe for swedish meatballs is very special to me. Anyone who has read my blog knows that St. Louis was and is a very special city to me. In my teenage years, it was where I discovered so much of the world outside of the comparatively rural area I grew up in. When IKEA first opened in 2015, I visited and was floored by the whole experience. The cafeteria of course was a unique section – what other home goods stores have a restaurant on site, aside from Restoration Hardware?

Swedish Meatballs was one of the first dishes I had, and ever since then I have been hooked. IKEA makes a powdered solution you can get to make the sauce, but really it’s just as easy to make from scratch, and probably higher quality. There are tons of copycat recipes for IKEA style swedish meatballs, and as I developed mine, it took a while to get it to imitate the classic I remembered. The following recipe is quite simple, especially if you use frozen meatballs as I’ve suggested.

It may not be low carb, but pairing with my favorite dill potato salad recipe is sure to create a very unique and iconic meal that will be a favorite for a long time to come. Additionally, this goes great with a nice red wine like a fuller-bodied pinot noir, merlot, or even some zinfandels. I’m not a big beer expert, but there’s no reason this wouldn’t pair well with certain wheat style brews. This is comfort food at its best. Don’t forget the lingonberry jelly!


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