Water is great, but any meal can be tremendously enhanced with a great drink. Whether it’s alcoholic or not, there are tons of options for refreshing thirst quenchers. Just as much as we pair wine to a dinner, we can look at pairing drinks to meals in a universal sense.

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The Latest Recipes

Classic Cosmopolitan

To me, anything at the bar is filled with history. The drinks, the recipes, the ingredients. Everything about spirits and alcohol is,...

Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island Iced Tea. What a strange name, given that there's really no tea in it. In fact, in my research, as...

Super Simple Sangria

Most sangria recipes are rife with a laundry list of ingredients, and require a long sitting time to infuse. Are they worth it? That’s subject to opinion. In my experience, you can get 80% of the satisfaction in 20% of the time and effort by skipping the spices, fruit, and multiple types of alcohol.

Hendricks & St. Germain

There's no fancy name, or nothing special about this drink - just two beautifully blended liquors playing with each other, creating a simple and elegant magnificence that's hard to come by and deceptively easy to prepare. It's not even really a recipe, but a combination that you're unlikely to come by on accident. A drink doesn't need 5 or 6 exotic components from all over the world; remember, a dance is done only by two. Hendricks is infused with rose and cucumber, two delicate flavors that the sweet elderflower supports and enhances.