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The Latest Recipes

Swedish Meatballs

Unless you're of Scandinavian descent, or have visited Sweden, the chances that you're familiar with swedish meatballs are pretty slim. Unless, that...

The Perfect Filet

Steak isn't something that I eat a lot of. It's something that I cook even less. But when I'm in the mood...

French Skillet-Roasted Chicken

Oh boy are you in for a treat. Chicken is great, but when the seasonings are on point, it is transformed into...

Spark Of Energy Casserole

Description right here. Spark Of Energy Casserole People think of casseroles as drab remnants of the mid-20th...

Butter Chicken

Never had Indian food before? Don't worry, you're not the first. Indian food, if I had to characterize it, has a lot...

Hawaiian Chicken Salad

Salads are one of my favorite meals. Yes, I love salads with lettuce, spinach, and other greens, but I really love salads...

Easy Swedish Meatballs

This recipe for swedish meatballs is very special to me. Anyone who has read my blog knows that St. Louis was and...

Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata, I have found, is largely a matter of opinion. It's one of those recipes that is so rooted in history...

Red Bourbon Chili Sausage over Cheesy Cauliflower Grits

Admittedly, I'm not the biggest fan of southern stick-to-your-rib comfort food cooking, but occasionally I succumb to it and enjoy an episode of gluttony. I AM a big fan of mixing sweet and salty or sweet and savory, and this recipe turned out so well that I forgot to even get a picture of it once it was finished!

Wurst Beer Cheese Soup

Wurst Beer Cheese Soup

Quick & Easy Quiche

Foregoing a made-from-scratch crust may be a cardinal sin to some, but it makes a delicious and unique sweet, savory, gourmet take on the classic quiche an accessible delicacy. Sweet apples pair with tart, creamy bleu cheese, and rich savory bacon for a flavor combination that ticks every box, making for a filling breakfast, brunch, or snack any time.

Cioppino – (Italian-American Seafood Soup)

Cioppino, an interesting but surprisingly delicious seafood stew that is Italian in style, yet of american origin, coming to us from San Francisco. It originated as what I’d call a puttanesca style dish, an entree of convenience using whatever the fisherman had. Over time, it’s simmered down to use a fairly routine selection of sea meat, most often utilizing shrimp, crab and mussels, and occasionally some type of flaky white fish, scallops, or whatever else you might have a taste for.